SET (Sustainable Energy Technologies) GmbH is delighted to announce the receipt of an order from the international energy company RWE Generation SE. The project will be implemented at the HKM thermal power plant Duisburg-Huckingen, Germany. It involves the replacement of an existing Voith R17 KGS hydro-dynamic geared coupling with the highly efficient SETCON® – electro-mechanical variable speed gearbox.

With a rated power of 5 750 kW and a rated output speed of 6 282 rpm, SETCON® is perfectly suited to meet on-site conditions, due to the matching gearbox footprint, which reduces implementation time and effort substantially. Furthermore, it will deliver significant energy savings compared to the status quo, with an average energy saving of more than 1 000 kW continuously.

In addition to the immediate benefits of increased efficiency, this project has the potential to lead to a follow-up order from RWE after the successful operation of this first SETCON® unit. This represents a major step forward in the efforts of SET GmbH together with RWE to reduce energy consumption and to promote sustainable practices in the power generation industry.

Energy efficiency is critical as it minimizes the amount of energy required, leading to lower energy costs, reduced greenhouse gas emissions, and improved energy security. Most recent investigations also confirm that energy efficiency is one of the most powerful methods for reducing energy-related emissions. Therefore, governments and organizations globally are enhancing energy efficiency through various policies and initiatives to set maximum energy efficiency levels for products and buildings. These initiatives have further promoted the utilization of energy-efficient technologies and practices, reducing energy consumption, emissions, and costs. SET GmbH is proud to be contributing to the shift towards energy efficiency and is confident that SETCON® technology will play an important role in meeting the growing demand for sustainable and environmentally relevant solutions.

SETCON SE6 variable-speed gearbox will be implemented by RWE Generation SE at HKM Thermal Power Plant Duisburg-Huckingen in Germany

About RWE
RWE is leading the way to a green energy world. With an extensive investment and growth
strategy, the company will expand its powerful, green generation capacity to 50 gigawatts internationally by 2030. RWE is investing more than
€50 billion gross for this purpose in this decade. The portfolio is based on offshore and onshore wind, solar, hydrogen, batteries, biomass, and gas. RWE Supply & Trading provides tailored energy solutions for large customers. RWE has locations in the attractive markets of Europe, North America, and the Asia-Pacific region. The company is responsibly phasing out nuclear energy and coal. Government-mandated phaseout roadmaps have been defined for both energy sources. RWE employs around 19,000 people worldwide and has a clear target: to get to net zero by 2040. On its way there, the company has set itself ambitious targets for all activities that cause greenhouse gas emissions. The Science Based Targets initiative has confirmed that these emission reduction targets are in line with the Paris Agreement. Very much in the spirit of the company’s purpose: Our energy for a sustainable life.

About HKM GmbH
Hüttenwerke Krupp Mannesmann GmbH has a core workforce of 3,000 employees and 191 trainees. The company produces 4.2 million tons of steel a year, which is processed into a wide range of everyday products, such as car bodies, washing machines and wind turbines.

SETCON® is SET’s proprietary electro-mechanical variable-speed gearbox designated to control the speed of large pumps and compressors. Compared to other variable-speed concepts, SETCON shows the highest overall efficiency and it is pioneering in terms of reliability and flexibility. Additionally, thanks to its matching footprint, SETCON is the ideal solution to replace low-efficient hydro-dynamic geared couplings.