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SETCON was presented at the event of TURBOMACHINERY & PUMP SYMPOSIUM in Houston of the United States. We were delighted to receive numerous attention and visits for our electro-mechanical variable speed-control system – SETCON. Thank you all!

Here is the picture on-site:

Photo from our American Partner Kraft Werks Engineering

New Partnership in Germany with Hasske und Meermann Antriebstechnik GmbH (HuM)

SET GmbH and Hasske and Meermann Antriebstechnik GmbH (HuM) have recently reached an agreement to work together as selling partners. HuM will support SET to acquire customer projects in Northern and Central Germany.

The company HuM has many years of experience and market knowledge in sales of drive technology products for different industrial applications, such as heavy-duty gearboxes and couplings for the steel industry and turbo gearboxes and high-speed couplings for turbines, compressors and pumps. HuM is representing and supporting the local business of its brand partners with a reputation of great dedication and expertise both to OEM and end-customers.

Together with the excellent market knowledge and experience of HuM, we look forward to bringing a lasting advantage and highest overall efficiency to the industry with our modern variable-speed drives “SETCON”.

About H u. M Hasske und Meermann Antriebstechnik GmbH (HuM)

The company HuM was founded in the year 1966. From 5 locations in Germany HuM serves over 5.000 active customers and offers a coordinated product range from first-class manufacturers with regional added value. The distribution of individual components, ready-to-install assemblies and customized concepts is a core competence of HuM.
For further information please visit:

Second Partnership in 2022 with Termall Poland

After the partnership contract with the American company Kraft Werks Engineering (KWE) early this year, SET Sustainable Energy Technologies GmbH (SET) is delighted to announce the second partnership with the Polish company Termall. During this period of severe energy and climate crisis, SET is pleased to find this great new partner from EU, who shares the same business philosophy as SET and dedicates themselves into new technologies for a sustainable green future.

Termall is a family business with a 30-year tradition in the city of Bełchatów, Poland and has a great standing in the Polish power plant and general industry market. Termall is dedicated to service, maintenance, supervision, commissioning and operation in various industry fields, with an impressive track record. Like SET, the work of Termall is based on the highest industrial standards and strict principles. With references all over Poland and neighboring countries in different areas, Termall is an ideal partner to support SET in the aspiration to increase efficiency in the power market.

The most important number of the climate crisis is CO2 emissions and actions need to be done urgently to reduce it. According to the statistic from National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration in July, the atmospheric CO2 in parts per million has reached 415.6 ppm, which is 65.6ppm above the safe level for climate stabilization. As the UN secretary-general António Guterres during the Petersberg Climate Dialogue in July:” “Half of humanity is in the danger zone, from floods, droughts, extreme storms and wildfires. No nation is immune,” therefore, it is critical to find a solution to reduce the high CO2 emission now.

This new cooperation will guarantee both companies an improved access to the Polish energy market and supports their intention to make a sustainable contribution to energy efficiency and CO2 reduction.

Due to the high demand for efficient solutions in the energy sector and SETCON’s unique selling proposition in terms of efficiency and installation space, all parties look forward to the cooperation with confidence.


SETCON® is an electro-mechanical variable-speed gearbox designed to control the speed of large pumps and compressors. Compared to other geared variable-speed concepts, SETCON shows the highest overall efficiency and it is pioneering in terms of reliability and durability. Additionally, thanks to its compact footprint, SETCON is the ideal solution to replace existing drives.

About Termall

The company Termall located in Bełchatów was founded in the year 1991. Termall has an established position on the market in the area of energy, especially in the production sector, environmental protection and the implementation of new technologies. For more information about Termall, please click here:

New Partnership with Kraft Werks Engineering

SET Sustainable Energy Technologies GmbH (SET) has signed an agreement with the company Kraft Werks Engineering (KWE) based in Medina Ohio U.S. recently. This agreement will allow Kraft Werks Engineering to support the sales and service activities in North America as well as introduce SETCON® to the exclusively selected customers. This official announcement also means that SET Sustainable Energy Technologies GmbH has officially expanded their business to a third territory, after EMEA and Asia.

Kraft Werks Engineering was formed through the acquisition of the GÝROL® Fluid Drive and TLT-ASH Handling product lines whose roots can date back to 1930. As a specialist in the large precision machining services, Kraft Werks Engineering has many years of experience in the energy and oil & gas industry, moreover, the company consists of experienced and skilled team who have a deep know-how about the local market.

According to the information from International Energy Agency, the global energy-related CO2 emissions grew to 36.3 gigatonnes in 2021, which is the highest record ever at the annual level. As the fuel mix of US power generation is undergoing a considerable transition and coal power has declined in the last decade as the shale gas boom made natural gas-fired generators more cost-competitive, however, the CO2 emissions of the US in 2021 still increased by 4.5% from 2020, which pushed emissions to 4.6 gigatonnes.

Together with Kraft Werks Engineering, SET Sustainable Energy Technologies GmbH will introduce their high efficient drive – SETCON®, the electro-mechanical variable-speed gearbox designed to control speed of large pumps and compressors – to the North American market and help the local business to optimize their energy efficiency and to reduce the emissions.

For more information about Kraft Werks Engineering, please click here:


SETCON® is an electro-mechanical variable-speed gearbox designed to control speed of large pumps and compressors. Compared to other geared variable-speed concepts, SETCON shows the highest overall efficiency and it is pioneering in terms of reliability and durability. Additionally, thanks to its matching footprint, SETCON is the ideal solution to replace low efficient hydro-dynamic geared couplings.

About Kraft Werks Engineering

At Kraft Werks Engineering, we measure success by the way we touch the lives of our people and foster personal growth.

​Kraft Werks Engineering was formed through the acquisition of the GÝROL® Fluid Drive and TLT-ASH Handling product lines. With our roots dating back to 1930 and based in Medina Ohio, our team of skilled craftsmen, Engineers, Welders, Machinists Inspectors and project Managers are well suited to execute your difficult projects flawlessly. With a specialty in fabrication of rotating equipment, our certified welders and machinists are capable of manufacturing even the most difficult of large components and assemblies.

Our next event in virtual!

We are honored to be invited by Austrian Chinese Business Association (ACBA) to join “ACBA Webinar-Reihe: Kärnten – Guangxi” tomorrow and present our solution for the better energy efficiency – #SETCON, electro-mechanical variable speed gearbox.

Besides this special Webinar, we will also join the “Innovation Hub Taiwan” and #greentechdays held by ADVANTAGE AUSTRIA TaiwanAUSSENWIRTSCHAFT AUSTRIA and Enterprise Europe Network Austria in the following weeks.

We are looking forward to meeting you at these Webinars!

Happy International Women’s Day!

While any day can be the day to celebrate the women in your life, today, March 8th, is International Women’s Day, which gives you one more reason to do that.

On this special day, we SET would like to thank all the incredible achievements done by women around the world, and we will continue to build a friendly working environment with true equality, which we’ve been doing all the time.

A big THANK YOU, for all the amazing women in our lives.

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