SET presented at 13th European Fluid Machinery congress

At 13th European Fluid Machinery congress Mr. Maximilian Hehenberger, the head of Business Development & Sales of SET GmbH, has presented his article with the title “Increased Efficiency and Reliability through an Electro-Mechanical Differential System Providing Variable Speed to Pumps and Compressors”.

Content: The objective of this article is to assess an electro-mechanical differential system (EMDS) system providing variable speed to a driven machine (e.g. compressor, blower, pump, etc.) in terms of applicability and energy Efficiency.

At the beginning of 2015 the European Union released a new standard, the EN 50598 series, leading to increased demand for variable speed drives. Beyond other drive train technologies, the EMDS is one possible solution for meeting the standard’s requirements. In this connection, efficiency and the resulting life cycle costs are essential to ensure compliance. The assessment of the EMDS reveals that this drive train technology is a compatible solution to meet future challenges…to read the whole article klick [here].

Compressor, Blower & Fan Technology: Assessment of an electro mechanical differential gear providing variable speed to industrial application

The professional journal “Compressor, Blower & Fan Technology”  (the only technical journal for compressor and fan technology  in China) has published the CONTRON(Taday SETCON®) technology by SET GmbH in its latest issue. Mr. Maximilian Hehenberger, the head of business development and sales of SET GmbH,  presents this innovative solution in his article with the title ”Assessment  of an electro mechanical differential gear providing variable speed to industrial application”. To read the article, please klick [here].

VDMA: Pumps and Compressors for the World Market 2016

In the VDMA-Journal „Pumps and Compressors for the World Market 2016“ with the titel „Highly efficient speed regulation for centrifugal pumps“ Sulzer Pumpen (Deutschland) GmbH presents the application of an electro-mechanical Differential System in power plants in cooperation with SET.
„Highly efficient speed regulation for centrifugal pumps“

Electro-mechanical differential gear units can be used for the variable operation of boiler feed pumps.This makes them particularly interesting for use in power plants which have to organize their operation flexibly. […the whole article]

The Online-Journal “Pumps and Compressors for the World Market 2016” from VDMA you can find [here].

,,Δ p” presents the DSgear-set® in its latests Online Journal

In the Online-Journal of the renowned Pump-Magazine ,,Δ p” the flagship project in cooperation with Sulzer (Deutschland) Pumpen GmbH at the PCK Raffinerie in Schwedt, Germany is presented. More information will come shortly in the next Print-Journal of ,,Δ p”.
“Sulzer: Völlig neuartige Drehzahlregulierung für Kesselspeise-Pumpen” [only in German language availiable]

Rüdiger Nagel 25.11.2015…Sulzer erhielt Ende 2014 einen Retrofit-Auftrag zu einer bestehenden Sulzer Kesselspeisewasserpumpe. Die bisherigen Betriebsdaten dieser Pumpe, die im Kraftwerk der PCK Raffinerie Schwedt/Oder betrieben wird. […der ganze Artikel]

Performance tests at Sulzer (Deutschland) Pumpen GmbH in Bruchsal, Germany

November 18-20, 2015 saw further performance tests being conducted on the 4.1 MW SETCON® at Sulzer (Deutschland) Pumpen GmbH in Bruchsal/Germany. Similar to the tests at Elin Motoren GmbH in Weiz/Austria, the complete powertrain including boiler feed water pump was put through its paces here.

And once again the electro-mechanical differential system proved its excellent capabilities, efficiency, and reliability. All the customer’s requirements were met to PCK Raffinerie GmbH’s complete satisfaction and the professional cooperation between the companies involved was also demonstrated.

Local and international customers from the energy, industry, and oil and gas sectors also had the opportunity to gain an impression of the SETCON® benefits over these few days. All those who attended the event were impressed with its performance and agreed that the SETCON® is an ideal solution for efficient and reliable control.

Sulzer Technical Review – “Wind Generators as Role Models”

In the latest issue of Sulzer Technical Review with the titel ” Wind Generators as Role Models” Sulzer Pumpen (Deutschland) GmbH presents SET GmbH and its electro-mechanical Differential System.
“Wind Generators as Role Models”

Dirk Küllmey, Klaus Löffler 04.11.2015…SET has been active in the field of wind power for more than 20 years, and it has developed wind generator gearboxes, which maintain the generated power at 50 Hz despite changing wind loads. Together with Sulzer, SET has now made use of this innovative gearbox concept on pumps… read the whole article: [Sulzer Technical Review]

4.1MW SETCON® Performance Tests at Elin Motoren GmbH

In the end of August the performance tests of the 4.1MW SETCON® for a boiler feed pump at the PCK refinery in Schwedt (Germany) were executed at ELIN Motoren GmbH in Weiz (Austria).

Due to the excellent cooperation with Sulzer Pumpen (Deutschland) GmbH and the intensive preparations of SET GmbH the SETCON® has shown an excellent performance and we could endorse in an impressive way our maxim “first time right”. All tests were performed without any failure and complete satisfaction of customers and suppliers. The evaluated test results have shown our customer, that the SETCON® is more than just a promise regarding reliability and efficiency. Because of the excellent performance further projects are planned together with Sulzer Pumpen (Deutschland) GmbH.

Dr. Andreas Basteck joins the SET team

Since the second quarter of 2015, Dr. Andreas Basteck has been supporting the SET team as a consultant. Dr. Basteck has wide professional experience in various business segments. Among others, he was technical director for variable-speed drives at Voith Turbo GmbH before he took over management of Voith Turbo Wind GmbH (CEO). Recently managing director at Zollern GmbH & Co. KG, he was responsible for drive train technologies.

Dr. Basteck’s main task at SET GmbH will be to further improve the high standards of SET’s gearbox design and drive train technologies and promote business development with the focus on industrial applications.

Building on their joint expertise, SET GmbH and Dr. Basteck are expecting to develop state-of-the-art, forward-looking electro-mechanical differential gears and to establish this technology extensively.