Why SETCON is one of the most energy efficient VSD on market – Sustainable Energy Technologies GmbH

Variable speed gearbox SETCON is valued as one of the most energy efficient drive thanks to its innovative mechanical power transmission and small, low-voltage (LV) electronic components. SETCON is an ideal solution for Driven Machines larger than 3 MW and a rated speed up to 15,000 rpm. With an energy efficiency rate up to 97% and outstanding performance in partial load, SETCON points the way ahead for a sustainable future.

Although the technology is very new and innovative, SETCON shows a good testing and performance track record of over 3 years already.

SETCON system is able to regenerate energy in partial load operation, instead of facing hydraulic losses, which in the end result in heat and corresponding cooling requirements. There are no equivalent technologies on the market with the same impressive performance by now.

SETCON allows to minimize power losses essentially. SET Servo motors feed back excess energy into the LV grid in a generator mode, and the energy will be reused by the Main Drive. Check the functionality of the SETCON gearbox: SET Interactive Animation.

Enormous amounts of energy are globally wasted, which seriously endangers our shared environment. A true energy efficiency revolution is needed, and SET works daily to make a positive contribution to this. We offer a wide range of services to our customers, including detailed calculation of economic efficiency, assessment of current situation and improvement analysis, optimization of customized SETCON concept and more.

Let’s make our world emission-free together, check SETCON advantages here: Folders.