SET ran a successful testing of the newest version of SETCON software

SET is pleased to reveal that our Electrical Automation expert Marco Fister has concluded a positive assessment of the newest SET software version optimized for the latest Totally Integrated Automation Portal edition (TIA portal).

SET Sustainable Energy Technologies GmbH regularly and multiply undergoes examinations of any changes in the SET projects to ensure the exact implementation of our customers preferences.

The tests have been fulfilled on the innovative SET Automation Test Bench with a down-scaled model of the SETCON gearbox. The system is used to check the functionality of various configurations before the SET Main Test Bench launch. The included Control cabinet receives commands from the emulation of an industry’s DCS and, inter alia, sends back the real-time process indications of the SETCON electro-mechanical variable-speed gearbox. Sufficient pre-testing of the software ensures an optimal coordination of the interface between the SET PLC and the DCS and furthermore saves time for the implementation on-site.

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SET ran a successful testing of the newest version of SETCON software

SET gives me self-confidence: our intern shared his experience on International Intern Day

Today, Sustainable Energy Technologies celebrates Intern Day and reminds to appreciate young generations of technical specialists. SET intern Vi Dong Tran comments how essential this opportunity is:

“Before, I did not have trust to myself, I was afraid not to understand my tasks, but SET team gives me self-confidence. SET taught me their innovative technologies, and now I find it very interesting to be involved in the process, to watch how an idea turns into the impressive machine – SETCON®”.

SET intern remarks that school students should be guided by an example of success:

For us, it seems that there is a huge time gap for a career decision, but actually time flies so fast by. Therefore, it is so crucial to start my working way already now and in such a company as SET”.

Vi Dong Tran lives and studies in Austria:

As a local, I am proud that this ground-breaking company SET represents Austria on international market. It is astonishing!”

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Sustainable Energy Technologies intern shared his experience on International #InternDay